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A 360-Degree Glimpse Into the Future of Casino Surveillance

Published by Dan on March 13, 2007 10:39 AM

In the gaming industry, where large amounts of currency are constantly on the move, security is of the utmost importance. Casinos use video surveillance to monitor everything from high stakes gaming tables to malls and parking lots. With so much area to cover, and so much money on the move, gaming facilities can certainly benefit from the latest advances in surveillance technology. One of those technologies is 360-degree video.

Recently, RemoteReality Corporation formed a partnership with North American Video that will yield a line of enhanced 360-degree video surveillance products specifically marketed towards the gaming industry in North America.

RemoteReality provides intelligent-omni-video systems with real-time 360-degree viewing. The systems include analysis software that allows for continuous surveillance. Such technology should be of great interest to gaming facilities, providing them with the ability to constantly monitor a high-definition 360-degree video feed with advanced analytics. Security staff would be able to zoom in on suspicious subjects while still maintaining a constant view of the entire 360-degree area. Part of what makes the system so enticing is that it can monitor such an area with a single camera. With an ordinary surveillance system, it would take a number of cameras to monitor a 360-degree area, and there would almost certainly be blind spots.

The companies plan to work closely with gaming clients to explore different methods for incorporating RemoteReality's 360-degree technology into security solutions which will then be branded, marketed, and sold to the gaming industry by North American Video.

Could this cutting-edge technology eventually become the standard for the gaming industry?

Read the company press release here...

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