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Milestone protects Swedish hospital staff and patients

Published by Margeaux on December 28, 2010 1:56 PM

Located in Bora, Sweden is one of the country's largest medical centers. Sodra Alvsborg Hospital (SAH) staffs nearly 4,000 employees to serve its vast number of patients. With hundreds of people coming and going every day, securing the expansive campus is a significant challenge.

In 2009 the hospital activated more than 500 assault alarms due to misbehaving patients and visitors. To promote safety and document incidents, the hospital upgraded its CCTV surveillance system to a robust hybrid system consisting of Axis, Panasonic and Bosch network cameras, along with a few remaining CCTV cameras. The entire system is managed by Milestone software, an open platform capable of supporting hundreds of cameras over multiple locations. The system is designed to provide surveillance in a variety of locations, including parking areas, underground corridors and the emergency room. Milestone is so powerful and flexible that it monitors 800 doors from a central location.

Thanks to visible surveillance cameras, SAH has experienced a huge reduction in incidents. Additionally, the high-quality video allows police and security personnel to review images in great detail. The hospital has greatly reduced its number of police reports and plans to add about ten cameras per year as it expands its campus.

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