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Hospital surveillance solution features Axis network cameras and video servers

Published by Dan on August 5, 2009 1:22 PM

Stafford General Hospital, located in Birmingham England, has updated its video surveillance system from an analog CCTV setup to an IP-based solution. The new system features a combination of Axis IP network cameras and video servers, along with networking equipment from Cisco. For this large-scale surveillance system, the switch to IP greatly reduces installation costs while also providing a number of key benefits.

The IP surveillance equipment operates along the facility's existing Ethernet cabling network, while wireless links allow for video coverage of outlying buildings. The hospital's 1GB backbone was installed two years ago, and features two Cisco 6500 core switches plus twenty Cisco edge switches that support Virtual Local Area Networks for 2,500 hospital staff. This pre-existing setup made installation of the new IP cameras and video servers fast, easy, and cost-effective.

21 Axis network cameras are now deployed in the main hospital building and an outlying facility known as Technology Park. Additionally, analog CCTV cameras from the hospital's previous surveillance setup are now running through Axis video servers which digitize their footage for transmission along the same network. Next month, 19 more Axis IP cameras will be added to monitor the hospital's parking lots. Footage from the cameras is stored digitally, and up to 20 users can monitor the cameras simultaneously using password-protected accounts. The video images can also be accessed by the local police department when incidents occur.

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