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Hospital Surveillance Catches Baby Snatcher

Published by Jennifer on March 12, 2007 9:54 AM

Covenant Medical Center's advanced security system is regarded as one of the reasons why 5 day old Mychael Dawodu is safe with her parents.

Dawodu, of Lubbock, Texas, was kidnapped by a woman disguised as a hospital employee. Dawodu's security bracelet was cut off by her kidnapper before leaving the hospital with the newborn. An Amber Alert was issued to notify officials of Dawodu's disappearance, and security footage was immediately reviewed for any signs of a suspect.

Surveillance footage from the hospital lobby helped identify this woman as the chief suspect in the kidnapping. The widespread dissemination of the security footage and the Amber Alert provided a tip which led authorities to nearby Clovis, NM, where little Mychael was found.

While there are many serious security issues with this case, the abductor's ability to pass herself off ass a hospital employee for one, Covenant's security system is the reason why officials were able to rescue Dawodu as quickly as they did.

Surveillance in healthcare applications has been a popular form of security for years. Not only do surveillance cameras help solve extraordinary cases like Dawodu's, but they also help keep patients and staff safe from theft and other crimes common in high school. Surveillance cameras can also help ensure excellent care.

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