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Wireless surveillance network increases security in Eastern Texas town

Published by Dan on July 8, 2009 2:37 PM

The city of Bryan, Texas is the latest in a long list of cities turning to video surveillance as a way to increase security in public places. In Bryan, work is complete on the first phase of large-scale video surveillance installation designed to keep tabs on the city's recently revitalized downtown. The newly installed security cameras aim to create a safer overall environment for citizens, and to protect public property and facilities.

The Bryan Police Department's Criminal Intelligence Unit will operate and monitor the cameras around the clock. Digital video images will be stored and available as visual evidence to assist prosecutors in criminal cases. Local merchants and shop owners voiced their support of the new video surveillance system, seeing it as a way to increase safety in the budding downtown scene.

Bryan's city surveillance system uses innovative wireless mesh technology that allows for flexible, cost-effective camera installation. Additional cameras can be added to the wireless network at any time, with minimal cost. The cameras work to provide video evidence of crimes, and also serve as deterrents. Beyond security, the system is also useful for helping the city stretch its budget for law enforcement, traffic monitoring, and municipal management.

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