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Surveillance cameras use license plate recognition to track down felons

Published by Dan on September 17, 2009 11:19 AM

Residents in Medina, Washington are feeling safe and secure with the help of a new city surveillance system that features security cameras placed at busy intersections. The cameras use automatic license plate recognition as a way to weed out felons. The ultimate goal is to discourage criminal activity.

The new surveillance cameras are able to capture license plate numbers of vehicles entering the city. Those numbers are then run through a database that looks for matches with known felons, or cars that have been reported as stolen. If there is a match, an alert is then sent to the police department. All captured information is stored for 60 days. Police say the system gives them an important edge over criminals.

Medina modeled their city surveillance system after a similar solution in nearby Hunts Point. The system, which also monitors car traffic, has proven successful as not a single break-in has been reported since the cameras were installed. Medina is hoping for similar success with its new video security system.

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