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Surveillance cameras garnering results in Newark

Published by Dan on July 2, 2008 9:40 AM

Here's a video surveillance success story from the streets of Newark, N.J. This is a city where the threat of violence looms large in some areas, but police are hopeful that a new surveillance system and operations center will help to change that. In the operations center, police are now able to monitor 109 security cameras that have been installed throughout an eight-mile area considered to be the city's most violent. Best of all, the system is already yielding results.

One recent incident resulted in the swift arrest of an armed robber and three accomplices outside a public housing project. All four suspects were captured by the cameras during the act and were tracked down a few blocks from the scene. Another case resulted in the arrest of a major figure in the Bloods street gang who is suspected of murder based on the surveillance footage.

Along with providing footage of criminals in the act, police are hopeful that the surveillance system will actually deter such activity from happening in the first place. So far in 2008, the number of homicides has dropped markedly compared to this time last year, which is one sign that the cameras are doing their job.

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