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Surveillance cameras aim to increase security in Pendleton, Ore.

Published by Dan on April 20, 2009 1:56 PM

The city of Pendleton, an Oregon town well known for its rodeo and cowboys, is set to install a new system of security cameras that will allow Police to monitor for dangerous activity. The system will include 10 wireless surveillance cameras that can be placed on any of the city's 40-foot utility poles. This flexibility allows police to move the cameras to different locations as needed.

To begin with, four or five cameras will be situated along the River Parkway, which runs along the Umatilla River linking the city's downtown to the Pendleton Round-Up rodeo grounds. The Parkway is a popular spot for walkers, joggers, and bicyclists. Unfortunately, it also attracts acts of vandalism, drug use, illegal drinking, and homeless camps. The cameras will allow police officers to remotely monitor for such activity. They'll even be able to control the angle of the cameras from their patrol cars. The main goal of these cameras is to make the Parkway a place where pedestrians can feel secure, especially at night.

Likewise, security cameras will be installed at other locations throughout the city, enabling police to monitor more areas than their 23-officer force can possibly patrol in person. At least one camera will monitor the city library. The new skate park will also have a camera, which will be the only camera available for public viewing on the Internet.

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