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Senate committee suggests surveillance cameras for military recruiting stations

Published by Dan on June 14, 2007 9:01 AM

The Senate Armed Services Committee has boldly proposed the idea of requiring the use of video surveillance cameras at military recruiting stations in order to prevent recruiter misconduct. According to the committee, the presence of security cameras is intended more to provide prospective recruits with peace of mind, rather than for trying to catch recruiters acting out of line. Potential recruits along with their friends and families would know that any improper conduct would be recorded, in theory making incidents of wrongdoing less likely to occur.

With recruiting becoming more of a challenge with the country at war, there have been a number of incidents of recruiter misconduct reported in recent years. Certain cases involve recruiters encouraging people to lie or exclude information during the application process, while others involve accusations of sexual harassment. While the Defense Department believes these are isolated cases, there is a fear that they could create a sense of wariness in potential recruits, making the already difficult job of recruitment even more challenging.

The Senate Armed Forces Committee stands by the work its recruiters are doing, but feels that the presence of surveillance cameras will reduce incidents of improper behavior and will boost the public's overall confidence in recruiters and their methods. The committee expects a response from the Pentagon by next March on the surveillance camera plan as well as a proposed hot line for reporting recruiter misconduct.

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