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Security cameras keeping watch over Illinois courthouse and jail

Published by Dan on May 31, 2007 3:41 PM

Security cameras were recently installed in the Edgar County Courthouse and jail, and the new surveillance systems are already paying off. The purpose of the cameras is to provide building security as well liability protection. For example, in instances where inmates complain of mistreatment, or visitors maintain they were injured on the premises, there will be visual evidence to support or disprove those claims.

One recent case where the surveillance footage came into play involved an inmate who claimed to have blacked on in a prison cell. He was hoping to be taken to the hospital so that he could get out of jail, at least temporarily. But footage from the security cameras showed that he simply climbed out of the bunk before lying down on the floor.

In the county courthouse, the cameras will work to provide continuous watch against break-ins and vandalism. Additionally, the surveillance system has already helped to nab several people wanted on warrants. In each case, operators monitoring the camera footage recognized the suspected individual wandering through the courthouse and immediately dispatched a deputy to the scene.

All of the security cameras in both the courthouse and the jail transmit video feeds to the jail's dispatching room.

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