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Private security cameras could become part of Chicago's video surveillance network

Published by Dan on August 25, 2008 2:27 PM

One of the key benefits of IP-based surveillance is the ability to transmit footage over the internet so it can be viewed remotely. In Chicago, where a large surveillance network already exists, a plan is in the works that would allow businesses and home owners to make their private security cameras available to the Chicago 911 center in cases of emergency. The owners would have to give permission, of course.

By joining the city's surveillance network, business and home owners would benefit from faster police response times should an incident take place, and would also be able to quickly provide authorities with visual evidence of any criminal activity. The City's emergency staff wouldn't constantly monitor the cameras, but would have the ability to quickly access their footage in an emergency situation.

Chicago's extensive surveillance network has the ability to receive footage from thousands of surveillance cameras. The surveillance video from private security cameras would be delivered through encrypted Internet transmissions, making it available only to authorized emergency staffers.

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