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Pittsburgh public camera policy helps protect privacy and public property

Published by Jennifer on June 26, 2008 2:26 PM

Like many other American cities, Pittsburgh has been the recipient of grants for security cameras from the US Department of Homeland Security. Cameras have been installed in the city's most dangerous neighborhoods, and officials say that the cameras are "paying for themselves" as they help preserve city resources and have drastically lowered crime.

However, concerns about citizen privacy have also been raised about the 83-camera network. Privacy groups and several members of the Pittsburgh City Council got together and came up with a compromise - a measure that helps protect privacy but still keep the neighborhood safe. Under the proposed rules, camera footage would only be kept on file for seven days, cameras would not record sound, access to footage would be restricted to involved members of law enforcement, and signs would be posted in areas that are recorded.

Read more at The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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