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Meeting surveillance aids in foiling of terrorist plot

Published by Jennifer on May 8, 2007 9:14 AM

Six men described as "Islamic radicals" were arrested Tuesday morning, accused of plotting to enter a military base and murder "as many soldiers as possible." The men, described as nationals of the former nation of Yugoslavia, were incriminated thanks to video footage taken of a planning meeting.

Surveillance, whether it be through secret video, audio recordings, or through law enforcement tactics like "staking out" a target, has been essential to effective intelligence and investigations for years. In this case, authorities were notified of video and audio footage of a planning meeting after an employee of a firm hired to transfer the footage to DVD showed concern about the video's contents. The six men, who were planning to enter New Jersey's Fort Dix in the near future, were infiltrated by undercover FBI agents and lured to an arms purchase, where they were arrested.

While this isn't the usual type of spy surveillance we think of, with tiny cameras inside pens and poison darts in umbrellas, it still is an example of surveillance being used effectively to stop serious crimes before they happen. The most important aspect of intelligence is still the hard work that police and law enforcement have to do to sniff out the criminals - but the surveillance footage can only help.

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