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IP video essential element of Russian municipal surveillance

Published by Jennifer on April 20, 2007 1:23 PM

The town of Kazan, like many other cities in Russia, has been an seat of trade, government and culture for hundreds of years. However, with modern crises like a dense-evergrowing population, street crime, vandalism and a steady traffic flow, maintaining security has proven to be a bit of a challenge.

Officials in Kazan decided to install a comprehensive video surveillance system in order to reduce common crimes and maintain order in their bustling metropolis.

So far, officials have reported it to be a success in controlling crime, helping law enforcement, and maintaining peace. According to a press release from security provider Optelecom-NKF, the most instrumental force behind the efficacy of Kazan's new municipal video surveillance program has been its use of IP cameras and Ethernet networks, which are the building blocks of the fast-evolving world of video surveillance. A complete surveillance network with IP cameras and digital monitors and recorders makes upgrading to more complex technology like video analytics easier. The current use of IP cameras has also allowed Kazan to integrate police and llaw enforcement communications into the surveillance network to make response time to recorded crimes quicker and more efficient.

Municipal surveillance is one of the fastest growing markets for security cameras and other types of recording technology. Following the lead of Great Britain, which has more public surveillance cameras than anywhere in the world, many countries, states and cities are beginning to add more and more public surveillance systems - on roads, in public buildings, in parks and on sidewalks.

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