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Fresno County libraries install surveillance cameras to combat vandalism and break-ins

Published by Rick on February 20, 2008 10:08 AM

After a wave of break-ins and vandalism, Fresno County library officials have decided to provide several branch libraries with security camera systems. The initial plan is to install cameras in five sites, with an eventual goal to equip all 34 branches with video security. Some of the problems the libraries have endured include stolen CDs, DVD, books, and even computers. There have also been instances of graffiti on exterior walls, and on library shelves, and stolen cars from library parking lots.

Not only will the cameras help to deter these acts, but they can also provide visual evidence when break-in and vandalism do occur. Another benefit of the library surveillance systems is simply an improvement in the overall level of security for staffers and patrons. One staff member arrived at work recently to find bullet holes in the library's front door. So the arrival of security cameras is most certainly welcome.

Surveillance cameras have already been installed at two of the library branches, and the systems have proven successful so far. No problems have been reported at either location since their installation.

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