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Flint Township surveillance system brings shame upon trio of purse snatchers

Published by Dan on October 10, 2007 1:40 PM

Stealing from old people is just plain wrong. Thankfully, the three unforgivable crooks who swiped a purse from a helpless 95-year-old lady in Flint last week did not go unseen. That's because the Flint Township is in the process of installing what's known as the Safe City security camera system, a network of surveillance cameras aimed at monitoring the township's commercial strips. Images of the recent purse-snatching were captured by the system and then sent to the police. End result: the three suspects are now in custody.

The incident took place at a restaurant in Lincor Plaza, which is monitored by three security cameras. There were also several eye-witnesses, but it was the surveillance images that helped police to identify and track down the suspects.

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