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Downtown business group seeks mall security cameras in wake of recent violence

Published by Dan on July 16, 2007 11:49 AM

A series of seemingly unprovoked attacks near downtown Charlottesville, Va. has prompted business owners to seek out an effective form of video security for the popular shopping area. The public's confidence in the Downtown Mall's level of safety has waned due to the widely publicized attacks, each of which featured the same group of youths assaulting innocent pedestrians. Many malls and shopping areas install security cameras to both cut down on theft and also to enhance the overall level of safety by deterring these types of assaults and criminal acts. Surveillance footage can also prove extremely valuable to investigators tracking down suspects involved in incidents after they've been reported.

In Charlottesville, City staff members are putting together a proposal for a video surveillance system that would feature around 30 security cameras. This isn't the first time security cameras have been proposed for the area, but the recent attacks -- several of which involved shoppers walking to their cars at night -- have certainly helped to renew support for a security overhaul that involves comprehensive video surveillance.

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