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DEA Installs Security Cameras with License Plate Recognition at Southwest Border

Published by Ellen on July 11, 2012 10:33 AM

In an effort to prevent the inflow of illegal immigrants, terrorism, and drug traffickers, the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration has installed highly intelligent video surveillance cameras on the Southwest border. The megapixel cameras are equipped with license plate recognition, a video intelligence tool that enables border security officials to depict license plate numbers from a far distance. License plate recognition is an advanced, in-demand feature in today's IP video surveillance market.

The Southwest border's security measures currently include drug-sniffing dogs, aircraft, and innumerable agents who oversee the region. The addition of license plate recognition cameras at check-points and the surrounding areas is one more method of bolstering security. The new security cameras, which have already been deployed, also provide the geographical location of anyone who passes through as well as the date and time.


Homeland Security Reporter G.W. Schulz says that the cameras aren't solely for monitoring who is coming in and out of Mexico: "It's simply another surveillance method used to monitor and target vehicles that are commonly used to transport drugs, bulk cash and weapons north and south."

The sophisticated surveillance cameras are currently in use at the entrance and exit points to Padre Island National Seashore near Corpus Christi. The DEA plans to expand their reach by inserting more cameras deeper inside the United States.

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