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Dallas Love Field Awaits New and Improved Security Camera System

Published by Ellen on June 27, 2012 9:25 AM

A brand new video surveillance system will soon be deployed at the Dallas Love Field airport in an effort to tighten security. More than 500 security cameras will be emplaced inside of the airport according to Karl Martin, who serves as the Senior Manager of IT operations with the city of Dallas. Despite curiosity of the cameras' technologies, Martin says that the public will not be provided with the particulars of the operation: "We can't talk about what is being done specifically in the back house." However, he did provide a few noteworthy details that shed light on the systems' built-in analytics and features.

The HD cameras will be configured to send out mobile phone alerts to TSA and airport security personnel. Today, network video cameras are sophisticated enough to send out alerts to system operators if motion or tampering are detected. Facial-recognition software is another high-end feature that will be implemented to make certain that any suspicious persons can be identified. Key areas the cameras will be mounted include the gates, security check points, and curbside pick-ups and drop-offs.

In addition to HD video, facial recognition software, and camera alerts, the system will be equipped with advanced zoom capabilities and megapixel resolution. Martin commented that surveillance cameras will "have the ability to really focus in [on] really specific, small areas that before were nothing more than granular pictures coming back." A $3.4 million grant from the Transportation Security Administration will help fund the total cost of the cameras which is estimated to total between $6 and $7 million.

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