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Charlotte's Security Measures Amplify for Upcoming Democratic National Convention

Published by Ellen on August 22, 2012 11:22 AM

Charlotte, North Carolina is gearing up to host the Democratic National Convention on September 1, 2012. For the upcoming event, the city will rely on the efforts of 1,000 police officers patrolling the area in addition to nearly 500 security cameras installed around the convention site. Around half of the event's police officers will direct area traffic.

The 19-page security plan that was created by federal and local authorities carefully delineates road closures, various checkpoints, and specific security actions to protect the 35,000 politicians, delegates, and members of the media who will be attending the highly publicized event. Charlotte's police force estimates that the event could attract as many as 15,000 protesters. Managing a massive crowd of protesters will be key to ensuring the safety of attendees and outdoor observers.

The city received a federal security grant of $50 million to prepare for the event. The grant money has made it possible for police offers to utilize advanced crime-prevention technology such as identifying the location of gunfire. At least 80 officers protecting the area are from Winston-Salem and Durham police departments.

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