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Bloomberg sounds off on New York City camera surveillance detractors

Published by Dan on October 2, 2007 11:30 AM

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made his feelings about video surveillance loud and clear during a press conference in London yesterday. Bloomberg, who's spending part of his London "holiday" observing the city's comprehensive security camera network, is looking to implement a similar system in New York City. Critics claim the cameras are a breach of privacy, but yesterday Bloomberg called such detractors "very naive," noting that everyone he's talked to in London supports the use of technology as a way to enhance security.

The system Bloomberg is calling on for New York surveillance is referred to as "The Ring of Steel," the same name used for London's powerful security camera network. Feeling that NYC has fallen far behind the times in terms of technologically advanced video security, the mayor sees only positives in moving forward with a much more comprehensive surveillance system. London Mayor Ken Livingstone supported such thoughts, stating that Londoners overall feel safer thanks to the added protection provided by security cameras.

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