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Albuquerque's Summerfest Concert Furnished with Video Surveillance Trailer

Published by Ellen on July 23, 2012 9:12 AM

The city of Albuquerque is a hotspot for summer concerts. The annual Summerfest in Nob Hill features an array of musical guests spanning such genres as Latin, jazz and blues, contemporary, and rock. Therefore, it's no surprise that the event attracts residents and tourists from all over the state.

In order to effectively monitor the overwhelming sea of people attending Summerfest, the Albuquerque Police have deployed a new video surveillance trailer. The added security measure will help bolster police efforts in tracking any illegal or questionable activity.

Surveillance cameras attached to the trailer are 30 feet up in the air, providing coverage for areas that the police aren't able to see while out patrolling. The beer garden, vendor booths, alleys, car show, and parking lot are all under the watchful eye of the cameras. In addition to spotting criminal acts, the security cameras will serve as an aid in locating lost children in the crowds.

The trailer has been outfitted with digital cameras that boast top-tier technologies like digital zoom, high resolution, and day/night functionality. The police department spent roughly $68,000 to install the event's high-performance video surveillance system.

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