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Landscape Thieves Captured on Video by Orthodontist

Published by Ellen on June 19, 2012 7:43 AM

More businesses and homeowners today are posting actual video footage from their surveillance cameras onto popular social media sites in an effort to track down vandals and thieves. That's exactly what Dr. Ron Wilson of Wilson Orthodontics did in the town of Flowery Branch, Georgia.

The video surveillance cameras installed at his orthodontist office captured two men in a white pickup truck pulling up alongside the building's property grounds and ripping shrubbery out of the ground, tossing it into their truck, and driving off. Dubbed the "Plant Thieves," the video of the unidentified men has now been posted on YouTube. To catch viewers' attention, Wilson decided to enhance the video by adding music, special effects, and narration.

Just the next day, 20 freshly planted bushes were stolen from a neighboring church. Contractor Jeff Lurie who had just completed the office's landscaping the day prior said, "I've been doing this for 27 years, and this is one of the first jobs that I've ever had that I've had people come in and steal landscaping." The video of the incident is posted below.

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