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University of Pittsburgh installs state-of-the-art surveillance system

Published by Dan on June 27, 2007 1:40 PM

The University of Pittsburgh recently unveiled a new multi-million dollar security system designed to significantly increase campus safety. The new system features a bevy of surveillance cameras providing comprehensive coverage of the entire campus. Video feeds from the cameras are transmitted to a new campus communications building loaded with monitors for in depth viewing and analysis. The wide-reaching surveillance coverage gives operators an extensive view of campus life, allowing them to quickly respond if suspicious activity is detected.

The security system features a number of unique features that enhance its effectiveness. The cameras, for instance, are capable of zooming in for detailed close-ups of specific individuals or objects such as license plates. The university has also decided to connect security cameras with emergency phones on campus. With this setup, if a student makes a distress call, monitors will be able to see the action and responders will have a better grasp of the situation before arriving at the scene. The security system is even capable of recognizing when a door from any of the campus’ 90 buildings has been left open for too long. In such instances, an alert is sent to the communications room and operators can view camera feeds from the area in question.

Another significant aspect to the University of Pittsburgh's intelligent security system is its ability to lock down the campus with the single push of a button. Currently, 80 percent of the campus can be locked down. The university expects to extend this lockdown capability to a full 100 percent by the end of the summer. If a major threat warrants a lockdown, the button is pushed and all doors lock so that no one can enter from the outside.

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