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Surveillance roundup: are school security cameras now the norm?

Published by Jennifer on August 31, 2007 1:06 PM

In the wake of the worst school shooting in US history, worries about student and classrooms afety are at an all-time high. Schools around the country have implemented security systems - ranging from the simple to the highly complex - in an effort to make the learning environment as safe as possible.

For example, the Minot School District in Minot, North Dakota has an advanced wireless IP video system that consists of IP cameras, NVR/DVR recording devices, and wireless-enabled laptops for monitoring. Minot, long considered a safe community, doesn't seem like a prime candidate for an advanced system. However, Columbine, CO and Blacksburg, VA (home of Virginia Tech) were both considered safe until tragedy struck.

The University of Southern California, located in a historically dangerous neighborhood, has recently installed more cameras in hopes that they will further reduce crimes around campus. After installing five cameras in the last school year, public safety officials noticed that reported robberies dropped dramatically. Now, 10 new cameras are being added to the area.

Just up the road in Burbank, reluctant students at John Burroughs High School and Burbank High School are coming to termwith a brand new surveillance system, installed in an effort to prevent vandalism. Administrators say that the cameras are unobtrusive (installed in public places like halls and common areas), but many students are wary of their presence. 3

schools in Savannah, GA also have new video surveillance systems in place - a response to a tragic rape that took place at Beach High School.

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