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Sony's new IP camera system brings security to San Diego School

Published by Jennifer on February 14, 2008 11:34 AM

Grossmont High School in San Diego has been reeling since late 2001 - when two shootings happened at the school in just two weeks. Grossmont's environment has been improving since August, however, since Sony equipped the campus with a new IP camera surveillance system called e-Surveillance.

Consisting of a combination of fixed and PTZ IP cameras (including the Sony SNC-RZ30N), the Sony e-Surveillance system had improved the Grossmont environment considerably, and in unexpected ways. Vandalism and other inappropriate behaviors and use of school equpiment has reduced considerably - and that is to be expected with a school surveillance system. However, the e-Surveillance system has also helped administrators and security staff keep on top of school security with innovative features like alarm notifications - via cell phone or e-mail - and instant check-ups.

Sony IP Cameras have helped Grossmont build a responsive and simple security system that helps meet the security needs of students and staff as well as encouraging safety at the school around the clock.

Read more about the Grossmont system at and Source Security

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