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School District in Ohio Invests in 125 New Surveillance Cameras

Published by Ellen on July 5, 2012 7:50 AM

Perry Local School District in Perry, Ohio, will soon be furnished with roughly 125 new security cameras. The comprehensive surveillance system will operate on an independent network that will connect directly to the Perry Police, where all video footage will be closely monitored and scrutinized.

"If there's a disturbance on campus-- they'll be able to check the perimeter of the campus readily either from their office or from their cars," explained Treasurer Lew Galante. He also noted that the entire set of video surveillance cameras has been paid for by the capital improvement fund.

The spacious school district campus will be under surveillance during and after school hours. Among the amenities on campus is a community fitness center. Area residents utilizing the community center have access to the fitness center, and Galante worries that with the number of door propped open, someone who isn't authorized could get inside the building.

In addition to monitoring the community fitness center, the surveillance cameras will also observe general activity occurring on campus. Galante believes the cameras will aid in protecting the campus, thereby creating a safer environment for students and staff.

At present, the school district center is outfitted with a security alert system that notifies certain personnel when doors have been opened. However, with the new high definition cameras, the Perry Police will be able to view live video of opened doors, eyeing for anything unusual. "The number of doors we have on the campus is just absurd; it's just a way to get a better handle of what's going on campus," said Galante.

Galante went on to say, "Our campus is really an open campus covering a lot of area and a lot of space and I think that the reason that we talked about doing this in the first place is we just want to provide better security where we can for the kids and the community." The cameras are scheduled to be installed by the end of the summer.