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Oregon Trail School District Begins the 2014 Year with Tightened Security

Published by Ellen on January 3, 2014 10:16 AM

The elementary and middle schools in the tight-knit town of Welches, Oregon have upgraded security over the holiday break, which includes a brand new surveillance camera system located in the front entrance area.

The new camera system will be trained on school visitors, enabling office personnel to monitor the visitor vestibule and speak with all guests before allowing them into the school.

As reported in the Mountain Times, Principal Kendra Payne remarked, "I think all of our community and parents are supportive of keeping our students safe; I know we feel more secure in the office."

Prior to the increase in security, visitors were able to come into the school and pick up their children without proper identification. Now, parents will need to wait in the vestibule to speak with office personnel before their children are released to them.

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