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New Orleans area schools to install bus surveillance cameras

Published by Jennifer on June 18, 2007 2:36 PM

School buses in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana will have a new flair come September. No, it's not snazzy new seats or a bold departure from the ubiquitous yellow paint job, but a system of video surveillance cameras.

The cameras, provided by a local firm, ONGO Live will be installed on Jefferson Parish school buses to help monitor student behavior and catch drivers who pass the bus while loading and unloading students or illegally passing the bus while en route. ONGO Live, which specializes in mobile digital surveillance, provided the school district with the cameras in exchange for a cut from the expected ticket revenue. According to projected figures, it should be a beneficial relationship. With cameras mounted in 300 buses, and with violations happening about twice per month per bus, the total collected revenue from the $400 violations is expected to be around $168,000 - $126,000 of which would go to ONGO. The remaining funds would be split between the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office and the school district, resulting in about $200,000 extra funds per year for schools. It's a win win situation from many perspectives.

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