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In the Next 10 Years, all 42 of Ohio University's Dorms Halls will Have Video Surveillance

Published by Ellen on May 29, 2012 12:51 PM

Ohio University's residence halls are expected to be furnished with surveillance cameras in the coming years to compare the facial features of visitors with their student ID photos. A video surveillance system has already been installed and tested at Voigt Hall to determine if the use of security cameras serves as a viable solution to the problem of dorm room theft. These cameras will be installed in the dorm lobbies and at access points.

The presence of security cameras helps ward off unwanted visitors who sneak in the dorms by entering directly behind students passing through the building. Despite the fact that residence halls on campus are locked 24 hours a day, non-students entering the building to steal students' belongings in unlocked rooms has remained a constant threat.

Assistant Director of Residential Housing Josh Bodnar, who spoke about the project with Woub Public Media, feels confident about the long-term value of security cameras in dorm halls: "We did some research and began looking at what some of the other schools in the state are doing, and most of the residential campuses either have a program that's similar, which focuses on the access points of buildings, which is what we're looking at- Some of the more urban schools actually have cameras in more locations than what we're looking at, so as we we're looking at our colleagues around the state, we were a little behind other campuses in exploring that technology."

In collaboration with the OU police department, video will be stored for viewing at a later date should a problem be reported by a student. Before the surveillance systems can be installed, Ohio University must receive its final approval from the school’s vice president

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