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Illinois high schools ad remote monitoring and motion detection to school surveillance system

Published by Dan on July 23, 2008 4:17 PM

A newly installed surveillance system will soon allow administrators and security officers to easily access video footage from cameras monitoring a pair of Illinois high schools. Romeoville and Bolingbrook high schools are now equipped with network-based surveillance systems featuring IP cameras that transmit digital video which can be viewed remotely from any network PC. This provides administrators and authorized personnel with the ability to monitor live and recorded footage even when outside the facilities.

Along with remote video monitoring, the new system includes motion detection and intermittent recording of both schools' key areas. Say, for instance, a student sneaks into the school after hours, the cameras would detect the motion and automatically start recording. This visual evidence can be extremely valuable if an incident such as vandalism were to occur. Having the cameras in place can also work as a deterrent to any number of mischievous activities.

Since the IP-based system is also scalable, additional cameras can be added at any time without significant costs.

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