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High School security camera system puts the clamp down on locker room theft

Published by Dan on November 20, 2007 4:49 PM

Palo Alto High School installed a new video surveillance system earlier this year, and so far the added visual security has been especially helpful in deterring locker room theft. The system uses fixed-dome security cameras in conjunction with electronic keycard door locks. The cameras monitor the gym locker rooms while the cardkey system prevents unauthorized intruders from entering the facilities.

Last year the school had its fair share of problems controlling access to the gym. Not only did some students have keys, but even alumni were able to make their way in. A number of students reported items missing from their lockers, and there's no telling who broke in to steal the loot. With the new system however, the cardkeys can report who's entering and when, while the security cameras will provide visual evidence that can be reviewed in the event that a theft or act of vandalism takes place.

Panasonic fixed-dome cameras are situated on either end of the locker room hallways to monitor who's entering and exiting. The video footage is sent to the assistant principal's office and downloaded to the school server where it is kept until it's overwritten. The presence of the cameras has already cut down significantly on the number of reported thefts in the locker room area as compared to last year at this time.

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