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Axis network cameras increase school security for Chippewa Valley School District

Published by Dan on March 26, 2009 3:03 PM

Axis announced this week that Michigan's Chippewa Valley School District has installed over 600 Axis network cameras and video encoders to improve school security. The school district, which serves over 15,000 students, chose a network video solution because of the superior image quality, centralized management and storage, and easy integration with the web and the district's active directory.

The goal of the IP-based surveillance solution is to protect people as well as property, as the Axis network cameras help to prevent theft, vandalism, violence, bullying, and other security threats. The cameras can monitor entire school facilities, and are especially important after hours when hall monitors and security guards aren't physically present. During the day, they make it possible to continuously monitor all areas of the school, which is crucial since physical security guards can't be everywhere at once.

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