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Axis network cameras deliver large-scale school surveillance solution in Liverpool

Published by Dan on October 21, 2008 2:34 PM

Liverpool's Knowsley Community College has completed installation of a large-scale video surveillance system featuring 324 Axis network cameras. A study based on the installation has concluded that the IP-based solution saved the school a considerable amount of money when compared to the costs of an analog CCTV system. The bulk of the savings result from the difference in maintenance costs. While the analog system would have required yearly system maintenance from a contractor, the IP video system can be maintained by an in-house IT team.

Because the Axis IP cameras operate using Power over Ethernet, the school is also able to save money in installation and operating costs. The cameras receive their power and deliver video transmissions using standard Ethernet cabling, which was already in place throughout the school's two campuses.

Another benefit of the Axis network camera system is its ability to provide remote access. Authorized users can manage the cameras from the school's Alarm Receiving Center, or remotely from any computer with a network connection.

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