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A twist on the usual: students at Halifax school request stricter surveillance

Published by Jennifer on October 12, 2007 2:55 PM

Students at Dartmouth High School in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, are calling for increased security at their high school after a rash of violent assaults and fights - incidents which have landed several students in the hospital.

One victim, who was assaulted and sent to the hospital, thinks that an upgrade to the school's video surveillance system would make a difference in the environment - making students feel safer, and keeping violence and tomfoolery at bay. Currently, the school's security cameras can see about 20% of student activity - something that students say is not enough. Administrators are looking into possible solutions, and the school's security officer is slated to perform a security audit in the near future.

Dartmouth has implemented changes like locking doors and hiring a security guard, but many students, especially those who have been victims of assault, are saying that upgrading the CCTV system to a modern one that uses technology like IP cameras and wireless recording, will be the best way to keep the school safe.