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Mobotix IP cameras deliver construction site surveillance for university redevelopment project

Published by Dan on October 9, 2009 2:45 PM

We often hear of construction sites using surveillance cameras to increase security in a work zone, prevent theft, keep intruders out, that sort of thing. In the case of a new development project at the University of Bedfordshire, the cameras are also providing students and staff the ability to follow the progress as a new student center and residence hall take shape. The University now has two Mobotix network cameras monitoring the project. Time-lapse footage will be taken automatically over the course of 18 months, then put together in a film showing the demolition and construction involved in the redevelopment project. In the meantime, students and staff can check in on the site in real time.

Mobotix IP cameras were chosen for the job because of their ability to withstand tough outdoor conditions. The cameras operate using no moving parts, which makes them extra reliable. They can also hold up to cold temperatures without requiring heaters. Both cameras support Power over Ethernet, so a standard Ethernet cable is all that's required to provide power.

Along with providing time-lapse footage for interested viewers, the Mobotix network cameras are also of course helping to secure the site. Megapixel resolution provides detailed video images of the work zone, allowing operators to zoom in on parts of a scene while maintaining outstanding image quality and clarity.

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