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Axis IP cameras secure Llanmoor Homes construction sites

Published by Dan on February 27, 2008 9:06 AM

Regional homebuilder Llanmoor Homes has chosen network cameras from Axis Communications to protect six of its construction sites. The cameras were first tested on a single site. Three Axis 211A network cameras and an Axis 211M were used for the initial installation. The new surveillance solution allows Llanmoor staff to remotely view images of their construction sites to monitor for security purposes, site progress, safety issues, deliveries, and more.

The Axis network cameras are encased in vandal-resistant housings and placed on poles to monitor the site, which is permanently lit. They use sophisticated motion detection that, when combined with secondary infrared sensors, provides strong protection while minimizing false alarms.

The IP cameras are connected to a plug-and-play system processor box from 247Webdivision. This allows the surveillance system to operate without an on-site PC. Users can remotely view live and recorded video from any PC, laptop, or 3G mobile device.

Within its first two months of operation, the Llanmoor Homes IP-surveillance testing ground was able to capture two incidents of theft. This convinced the company to outfit 5 more construction sites with Axis network cameras.

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