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More Homeowners and Businesses in Monterey, CA Using Surveillance Cams

Published by Ellen on August 29, 2012 8:53 AM

Monterey, California is the latest hotspot for video surveillance. More than ever before, businesses and homeowners are purchasing surveillance cameras to thwart break-ins, theft, and vandalism.

In recent times, recidivists have narrowed in on Monterey to commit their crimes. Now, the community is taking a stance by upping their security measures and encouraging their fellow neighbors to buy alarms and cameras to protect their property.

Because many of the critical details of a crime have been missed, residents and business owners are springing for sophisticated security cameras to identify license plates and faces. A dry cleaning store in the area recently caught two suspects stealing money from the register in broad daylight. The surveillance cameras captured the suspects’ faces on video, giving police the evidence they needed to make an arrest.

In another case, two homeowners were shocked to learn that a thief had stolen items from their driveway. Soon afterwards, they installed security cameras on their roof to act as a deterrent. Any thief passing by would be able to see the obtrusive cameras and know that their crime wouldn’t go unnoticed.

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