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Fargo Police Urge SMBs to Invest in Higher Quality Surveillance

Published by Ellen on December 20, 2012 9:06 AM

A spate of robberies at retail shops in Fargo, ND were captured on surveillance cameras, but the footage has had little or no value in solving these crimes. The Fargo Police Department has spoken out about the need for higher quality surveillance in business-to-customer (B2C) stores. According to, 411 burglaries were recorded in the last year. Eight armed robberies have occurred since August 2012; only one was solved with the help of video surveillance footage.

"Fargo police say that many businesses, including banks, should get better equipment. They say many businesses are using dummy cameras to try and ward off crime or are using outdated technology, which cannot be enhanced," reported.

WDAY TV, another news source in Fargo, also reported on the widespread problem saying, "Most of the photo comes from more than 20-feet away, with no clear shot of the suspect's face." The article noted that camera placement has been a major issue among businesses, with very few surveillance cameras placed at eye-level. Businesses are now being urged by police to invest in better quality video surveillance equipment.

At least one surveillance camera should be installed at eye-level, particularly at highly trafficked areas such as the cash register, and ingress and egress points. Purchasing security cameras with HD resolution and the ability to capture images in low-light or the complete darkness should be considered. Since many burglaries happen at night, installing a security camera with day/night visibility can be crucial. Outdated camera systems with CCTV technology can also be blamed for producing poor quality images as they don't record images with the amount of detail and clarity that network surveillance cameras do. takes the time to carefully analyze the interior and exterior of your business. We use this information to make camera placement recommendations that are best suited for identifying faces, and thus recording video with greater evidentiary value.

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