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Cargo Theft Climbs Significantly in 2011

Published by Ellen on April 27, 2012 4:02 PM

The manufacturing and transportation industries have taken a serious hit from the number of cargo theft cases in 2011 due to the lack of sophisticated surveillance systems. What is most disturbing is that cargo theft spans all types of goods, ranging from medical supplies and pharmaceuticals (FDA-regulated products) to jewelry and electronics, which has had devastating effects on multiple industry subsectors.

Special Agent Conrad Straube, Coordinator for the Memphis Cargo Task Force with the FBI recently averred that there are numerous victims of cargo theft in a podcast aired in January 2012. He also made mention of where the cargo goes once it is stolen: "Cargo is stolen from tractor-trailers, rail cars, ships, planes, and even directly from warehouses. The goods are sometimes sold on the Internet." The FBI is currently taking action by working with the private sector to decrease the number of cargo theft cases and considers this form of theft a threat to the economy and national security of the United States.


According to FreightWatch International, an established cargo security firm located in Austin, Texas, over $425 million in U.S. cargo was stolen in 2010. The FBI suspects that this number is significantly less than the actual dollar loss amount, and has estimated that thieves steal anywhere between $10 billion and $30 billion in cargo per year.

How are cargo thieves getting away with billions of dollars of stolen cargo? There are two primary methods: warehouse and the trailers of traveling freight vehicles. A trucker making a simple gas stop on an arterial highway takes a huge gamble by stepping away from his vehicle for more than a minute; many thieves have found thrifty ways of getting into trailers, many of which lack security surveillance systems. Most trucks' security systems are found in the front of the truck for the purpose of catching car thieves who attempt to drive off with the vehicle.

Cargo can also be stolen directly from a warehouse, where precious commodities are stored such as computers and perishables. In this instance, the culprit will most often act when the truck driver and warehouse employee are working together to load and unload a truck. Thieves have been able to sneak onto to loading docks and into warehouses due to the lack of security measures in place, making it - in some cases - an extremely easy, fast, and unsuspecting crime.

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