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Virginia Tech Poised to Install up to 2,500 Network Surveillance Cameras on Campus

Published by Ellen on May 31, 2012 9:19 AM

Virginia Tech is gearing up to install IP video surveillance cameras around the expansive 2,600 acre campus as reported by the Washington Post. The $1 million security camera project is expected to install an upwards of 2,500 cameras to instill a sense of safety for students and staff.

The launch of the university's surveillance project was spurred by the April 2007 shootings that took the lives of 32 people. University Spokesman Mark Owczarski reiterated the purpose of placing network surveillance cameras on campus: "You never stop trying to make the campus safer."

During phase one of the enhanced security mission, over $221,000 worth of cameras were mounted on the inside and outside of Perry Street Parking Garage. Approximately 250 surveillance cameras will be installed across the campus during phase two, which is slated for completion in December 2012. The final phase, if implemented, would include the addition of hundreds of more video surveillance cameras in other campus parts.

Kevin Foust, Assistant Director for Campus Security, stated that the objective is to "get as much coverage on campus as possible in the public areas." Not only will network security cameras provide a safer environment, but they will also be used to record evidence in the event of a crime.

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