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Times Square bombing suspect captured on surveillance video

Published by Dan on March 7, 2008 8:56 AM

Investigators are studying surveillance footage in an effort to identify those responsible for this week's bombing of a U.S. Armed Forces Career Center in Times Square. Minor damage was caused to the New York military recruiting station when a small bomb went off early Thursday morning. No one was hurt in the blast, but it did result in a broken window, and a shattered and mangled glass door. Subway service to Times Square was also halted briefly as a precautionary measure.

The main suspect at this point is a hooded bicyclist who was captured on camera just prior to the incident. The surveillance video shows the bicyclist approaching the recruiting station, then getting off the bike and walking to the door. The cyclist then returns to the bike and peddles away a minute before the explosion. Police stopped a number of bicyclists in the area for questioning Thursday morning but no one was detained. Authorities are also studying video images from other Times Square security cameras as the investigation continues.

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