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The University of Wisconsin-Madison's La Bahn Arena Outfitted with IP Video Surveillance

Published by Ellen on November 16, 2012 1:38 PM

With a brand new hockey and swimming facility on campus, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has upgraded its security measures by switching from analog to IP video surveillance cameras. Recently completed buildings such as La Bahn and the Gordon Dining and Events Center will be the first to receive the new IP video surveillance cameras.

The University of Wisconsin Police Department is responsible for drafting up a report for each camera placement, stating the purpose and the reason behind its exact location. Sergeant Nick Banuelos of the UWPD commented on how the department came to the decision to upgrade its security efforts: "With analogs, you were forced to physically hardwire the cameras, so distance and location were a major deciding factor. Now, you can locate the DVR in a completely different building if you want."

The upgraded IP surveillance cameras are packed with highly advanced analytics such as object and people tracking and a lingering tool that can determine if someone has been in a certain area for more than a predetermined amount of time. The enhanced image quality has been another advantage to boot. "Really good pictures have helped us solve a lot of crimes [like] identity theft, people stealing things inside buildings, or break-ins to the residence halls."

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