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Take-N-Bake pizza employees go beyond the call of duty

Published by Jennifer on November 1, 2007 1:10 PM

Intrepid employees at a Wood Village, OR Papa Murphy's restaurant helped end a two-week robbing spree - by fingering the thief after he tried to rob their store again. Thanks to a combination of physical evidence on surveillance cameras, the suspect's license plate number and some quick thinking, Papa Murphy's employees identified Robert James Peart as the thief who had struck their store, as well as several other pizza chains and tanning salons in the days since October 21.

Video surveillance played a key role in capturing Peart - had the employees not been exposed to photos of Peart in action, they would have not recognized him immediately before he entered their store to attempt robbery a second time. Peart did make off with an indeterminate amount of money, but this time, employees chased him and were able to get a description of his vehicle, and report the incident and information to the police, who later apprehended and arrested Peart.

Security camera photos and stills released by the news were essential in connecting the dots in this situation - the employees at this Papa Murphy's recognized Peart from the news (and possibly from the previous robbery) and used that information to pursue him, and eventually have him arrested. Peart has been arrested and is charged with robbing two other pizza "take-n-bake" chains and two tanning salons in the surrounding area since October 21.

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