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Surveillance Video Catches Indecent Student Exposure

Published by Dan on April 10, 2007 9:07 AM

Columbia, SC resident Kerry Flake installed surveillance cameras on her home because the neighborhood had become a haven for rowdy college students. She was hoping the cameras would provide enough visual evidence to inspire authorities to take action and help her tone down the partying on her street.

The mother of two got more than she bargained for.

On Friday night, the cameras captured a collection of college students engaged in the time-honored tradition of streaking. Streaking is the practice of parading oneself around a public place free from the confines of clothing. In college communities, the journey often consists of a brisk jaunt through the campus green and quite possibly the quad. In this case, the event took place in Flake's front yard.

It's often said that a streaker's primary goal is to shock or traumatize a victim. Mission accomplished. Flake's world has been turned upside-down, or if nothing else, she's a little shaken up. The home-surveillance video footage was promptly turned over to authorities and the media, and Flake is hoping that this time, her plea for peace in the neighborhood will be granted.

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