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Security camera watches over James Brown statue, keeps park safe

Published by Jennifer on April 18, 2008 11:12 AM

The hardest working man in show business is back. No, James Brown has not done the impossible and risen fron the dead - but a statue of him has been erected in Augusta, GA. Unlike most other celebrity tributes - statues, plaques, memorial parks and benches - the new James Brown statue will be equipped with something that sets it apart from the rest. A security camera inside the statue will take pictures of visitors to the statue and store them on the arts council web site. Visitors to the park will be able to commemorate their homage to the King of Soul forever.

So how will it work? The camera will be set inside the statue. Interested visitors can trigger the camera with their cell phone, strike a pose (holding it for 5 seconds) and then access their photo online at The IP camera inside the statue will be running always, and the trigger from a cell phone or other enabled device will prompt the camera to record the scene. Not only is this a useful and innovative tool for tourists to remember their visit to James Brown's statue, but a useful security tool for the park and the neighborhood (which are often difficult to keep safe at night.

Read more about the statue at

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