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Scyron video surveillance helps British bobsleighers improve times

Published by Jennifer on December 13, 2007 8:07 AM

Time is the crucial element of bobsledding (or bobsleighing, as it is called in the UK). Bobsledders hurl themselves down an icy track in a specially calibrated track, trying to beat the clock and outpace their competitors. UK-based video surveillance company Scryron, known for their intelligent digital video systems used by police and courtrooms all over the UK, has teamed with the British Bobsleigh team to use video surveillance equipment to help improve the sledders' race times.

Four Scyron cameras are set up around the bobsleigh practice track, recording athletes as they whiz through the 1,365 meter course and relaying footage back to a central command center. At a reviewing station, teammates and coaching staff can review runs frame-by frame and on a split screen, and even with "overlay" technology, where two runs are contrasted against each other.

This system has proven advantageous for the team, who say that the Scryon system allows them to pinpoint errors which their coaches and teammates might not be able to see when they're practicing - slowing down and reviewing minutiae from practice runs allows them to perfect the slight movements that mean shaving off fractions of a second - and inching closer to victory.

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