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School Surveillance Project Catches Road Rage in Action

Published by Jennifer on May 11, 2007 3:37 PM

While investigating the cultural implications of public video surveillance, a group of Canadian high school seniors came across a most interesting scenario: a man taking out his "road rage" on a cyclist - punching him so hard he lost a tooth.

Cameras have been popping up in major cities around Canada and around the world, and students from the Ursula Franklin academy were outside in downtown Toronto, doing research on a project of the impact of surveillance cameras in everyday life. While standing at an intersection, camera in hand, the students realized they were witnessing something strange. A motorist, upset at a cyclist for stopping in front of him at a yellow light, exited his car and began to accost and beat the cyclist. The students reacted swiftly, catching nearly all of the encounter on videotape.
This encounter, while strange and certainly violent (the cyclist was punched so hard he lost a tooth) seemed to instantly teach the students about the positive impact video surveillance cameras can have when installed in public places:

"Initially when the cop came over, he didn't look like he would have believed him," said Gabriele, one of the students on the trip. "With video footage, you can't deny it any more. It's right in front of your face."(from

Footage from the student's project:

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