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Remember to Update your IP Camera's Username and Password

Published by Ellen on May 17, 2012 9:15 AM

Because hackers will always remain a threat, it's critical to change your IP camera's default username and password. Once you've changed the username and password, we recommend that you update it every six months to protect your network from hackers. Let's face it: hackers are becoming smarter and more conniving.

The motivation for hackers is to gain control of a camera's settings before thieves break into such businesses as financial institutions, retail establishments, pharmacies, and warehouses. For example, thieves can pay hackers to infiltrate an insecure camera system (the camera's IP address) and change the zoom function or turn off the recording mode so that they're able to enter the building without being seen by the cameras. Hackers can also see where the cameras are facing and relay this information to the thieves so that they can avoid certain areas of the building.

We've come up with a few tips for creating secure usernames and passwords that will help protect your camera's IP address from being hacked:

- Do not use patterns like even numbers or the same letters in a row
- Always choose a password over eight characters
- Do not create a password that is solely numbers, letters, or special characters
- Do not use a common word no matter the length
- Insert a symbol between numbers and letters
- Use at least two capital and lowercase letters
- Do not write your password down but instead write down a hint

All network cameras sold by come with optimal security settings. It's up to you however to leverage those settings by first changing the default username and password.

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