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Newly installed playground security cameras bring instant results

Published by Dan on May 24, 2007 9:37 AM

Legacy Play Village in Lubbock, Tex. has been the victim of several instances of vandalism in the past. In fact, the damage was so bad at one point that the park was forced to close. Three weeks ago, surveillance cameras were installed throughout the park to prevent future incidents and to catch vandals in the act. It hasn't taken long for the surveillance system to pay off. Six people have already been arrested thanks to the new security cameras. The criminals, with ages ranging from 19 to 55, were all charged with criminal trespassing after being caught on camera.

The goal of the video surveillance installation was to protect the playground from vandalism and also to increase the park's level of safety, especially at night. This is no bottom shelf system either. The cameras are equipped with some of the latest high-tech features in video surveillance. They can pivot 360 degrees with zooming capabilities, and have a high enough resolution to clearly pick out fine details such as license plate numbers and faces. The cameras also feature built-in motion sensors which are programmed to detect any movement within the park at night. If motion is detected, the camera is then able to automatically lock in and track the moving person or object.

The quick success of the surveillance system so far indicates that the Legacy Play Village should be safe from future acts of vandalism, and is now a well-protected, secure environment even after the park closes at night.

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